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Naughty Girls' Box Set

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This box set contains 4 exciting erotica books for individuals 18 and over
Book 1: Naughty Girl. From the moment eighteen year old Christine sauntered into Sinclair Porter’s industrial complex, as an intern, she thought she could conquer the world and she did, she conquered Sinclair’s heart, body, and soul and satisfied all his sexual fantasies.
Book 2: Satisfying Angela. Angela is sixteen, innocent, and appears more like a girl of ten. When she meets Kristian for the first time, she falls in love with him but she knows she’s too young for what he desires. She can’t wait until she’s eighteen, where she has plans for Kristian.
Book 3: The Billionaire’s Secret Part 1. He wasn’t gay and he wasn’t straight. Nicholas Chandler wanted it all, but Isabel said he had to decide between her and his lover.
Book 4: Book 2: Waiting for the Teacher; a young teacher has a hard time concentrating on his lectures and decides to give a few lessons on how to make the teacher happy.

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