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The Sugar Bowl Chronicles 3 (Innocent Sugar Cube)

41 pages38 minutes


Whisked away to a Jamaican yacht anchored in Montego Bay, Texas girl Nora finds herself earning a bonus after accepting a sugar babe contract of an eBook publishing mogul. Four other girls acting as event hostesses at the beck and call of Thomas share the yacht.

Cheryl's Romanesque full-figured body offers satisfaction and ample proportions.
Connie's Nordic blood and icy heart propels her try dominating Thomas. Who will control in the end?
Nora, an innocent English major persuaded by money, opportunity, and luxurious aware of the attraction and pull between Thomas and herself. Is there a trophy or serious relationship to be gained?
Jasmine is the Eurasian slim and exotic young woman. May her erotic tastes and sensual nature manipulate men to their undoing?

Julia, a mature socialite makes a jealous play to be Mrs. Adair. Will her illusions lead to insanity or just embarrassment?
The Caribbean heats up as the publisher evaluates his girls and conducts his business. Business sense and talented females join Thomas to persuade publishers to use his firm for eBook services. The bottom line of these girls is profitable business; as well as, tight bottoms.

Who or what will be done to whom to inflate their sugar babe allowances?

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