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F. Schiller: The Short Stories

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Lost honour : This short story by Friedrich Schiller has made his fame as a sensitive and humanist writer. It tells about the progressive descent to hell of a landlord s unfortunate son, his enrolment into a secret group and finally, his emancipation from a life of crimes.

A walk under the lime trees : Two young men who have recently known their destinies are discussing about some truths they have been made aware of about the world. The first one has fully accepted his destiny and sees the future brightly, the other is still full of thoughts about the whole process.

In A remarkable feminine revenge , a middle aged woman is abandoned by her younger lover and sets up a subtle and devastating plot to avenge her humiliation.

In these novels as well as in the other essays, F. Schiller positions himself as the writer of destinies: he combines the beautiful with the tragic and makes of each of his narration an incredibly moving assembly of actions and feelings to our most intimate delight.

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