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Bristol Folk

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Bristol Folk includes detailed histories for all known folk musicians working in Bristol in the 1960 and 1970s who made records during that period. Many of those on the scene provided memories and several, including the late Fred Wedlock, wrote special sections, which are included in addition to their main profiles. These help to put the current folk scene in context, as do the sections on the folk club scene and local folk-friendly record labels, which included Village Thing, now recognised as the UK's first 'alternative folk' label. They even described themselves as such way back in the early 1970s!

Please note that this electronic edition of 'Bristol Folk' does not include the images as included in the full price paperback version. It does, however, include new material on Shortwaveband, who were missed out of the original version on the erroneous belief that they were from Bath!
The paperback version can be purchased by following the link to Bristol Folk Publications in the Author's Spotlight.

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