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Goat Crazy: How to Have the Healthiest, Best Producing, Longest Living Goats In the Land.

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Goat Crazy is jam packed with insight and absolutely necessary for goat keeping success - it's like a backstage pass into the secret world of healthy and profitable goats.

You can expect to learn the following:

The 62 Horribly Poisonous Plants to your Goats and how to avoid them.

The Absolute Best Ways to house and keep your Goat happy and healthy.

How to make the Milking Cycle work to your advantage.

Understand the 2 Crucial Sections of a dairy operation so you can sleep easy at night.

You'll Know The 7 Lifesaving Questions you must ask before keeping goats.
Discover the 3 different types of Fences that will save you precious time and money.

Goats and their wool - you'll understand every type and what they're used for...and how to make money from their wool.

You will become an expert on the differences between a "dry yearling, milking yearling and aged doe".

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