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Thugs Need Loving

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Now of days thugs need loving as well. Thugs want love too.
Cornell is the bad boy thug who many females are crazy about. He has many chicks dropping their panties for him attracted to his bad boy behavior He has been in out of prison for drugs and violence but ladies still attracted to him.
Cornell being a thug still wants to be in love as well. Everyone needs love too. Whoever said thugs didn't need love. He wanted to be in love with a lady who is to be his ride-or-die chick/wifey. Cornell find himself falling in love with Breika. She holds him down handling her business playing wifey.Breika soon finds out that being in love with a thug causes headaches and heart aches from chicks hating down to Cornell's bad boy behavior. Will Breika change Cornell to being a good guy? Will the tiger changes its stripes?

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