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Broadcasting Powerful Messages With Twitter - Linda Parkinson-Hardman

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Broadcasting Powerful Messages with Twitter

Linda Parkinson-Hardman

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Crystal Clear Books


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What is this book going to do for me?

This book has been written as a Guide to Twitter and helps you to answer the following questions:

- What is Twitter and why does it matter?

- How do I tweet and what do I say?

- How can Twitter help me with my business?

- How do I get Twitter followers?

- How can I find the right people to follow?

- How can I search Twitter effectively?

- How do I make sense of all the Tweets?

- How can I measure the return on my time investment?

To jump quickly to any section, use the Table of Contents you can find in your eReader.

It will also talk you through some of the practicalities such as how to set up an account in the first place and the things to think about when you are creating usernames and profiles. There is also a handy glossary at the end to explain the terminology too.


It would be easy to assume from the title of this book, that I am going to tell you that Twitter is simply about broadcasting your message to the widest possible audience. But I am someone who passionately believes that social networking for business is about sharing what we know, our expertise and even our resources with those who are the most likely to help us find the people that we want to engage with to sell both our products and our services.

If you aren’t of the same accord then this book probably isn’t for you. Yes, it will tell you how to make the very best use of Twitter but it will not be a magic bullet that means all you have to do is acquire hundreds of thousands of followers. At some point you are going to have to start building relationships with those you follow and those who follow you back.

I belong to a networking group where the mantra is ‘Giver’s Gain’ and it is only by adopting this same attitude that you will stand a chance of being successful. Giving, in this context means providing helpful information yourself and supporting other people on Twitter by sharing their helpful information too.