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Stars or Stripes

55 pages53 minutes


'No one prepared us for actual legit I want to destroy the world stuff.'

Whatever happened to routine drug busts and petty criminals? Headquarters throw Agent Jadelynn Jackson in for a wild ride when they dump the empire's most frustrating foe in her lap. The Federal Freemen are growing bolder and more violent with each passing day. It's only a matter of time before the public finds out, and what will happen then? The empire can only control so much...

To top things off, a mysterious (and very illegal) telepath offers his aid. Is it wrong Jadelynn agrees to let him help? Is it wrong that she finds herself attracted to him? Telepaths dirty twelps are scum of the earth, awful, and deserve to be put away, but he's her only chance at stopping the Freemen once and for all!

Twelps, secrets, and choices, oh my! In the end Jadelynn must choose between stars or stripes, her heart or the career she loves.

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