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Democracy and Conflicts: Could Democracy Be a Conflict Catalyst?

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By certain rules and perspectives of democracy assessed on scholarly or practical methodologies, it induces an incessant influx of contradictory and realist applications that, in part, create tensions within the society, and in part, build conflict prevention and mitigation probabilities.
From some legal perspectives of democratic constitutionalism and liberal individualistic contractual freedoms instituted within the Cairo 1997 universal declaration on democracy, a fresh analysis and view of democracy as a conflict catalyst factor in the society is deduced. Within same parameters, democracy becomes a medium for fostering social and distributive justice meanwhile preventing very bitter strives.
The concept of democracy from its historical roots to its modern development perspectives is herein presented and liberal constitutionalist and representative democratic notions used to examine the problematic of democracy as a conflict catalyst factor as well as, a conflict preventer ideal.

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