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False Faith and Equestrian Games

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False Faith and Equestrian Games is the second book in a trilogy of political novels by Chase Baldewyn. Written before Trump’s campaign and election, the trilogy provides insight into why Donald Trump would be elected. The novel reveals how right wing, billionaire plutocrats such as the novel’s protagonist, Rolf Lambert, have funded Christian churches to integrate Alt-right-like politics into a twisted version of Christianity to create religious zealot voters. Trump also gathered support from a power base of zealots created by plutocrats using similar tactics. The story focuses on how plutocrats brainwash people with fear and religion to gain political power. Lambert funds a church that preaches an extreme political ideology that convinces a veteran, Noe Haleakua, to bomb an abortion clinic. Integrating extreme politics into a corrupted version of Islam is a similar brainwashing technique used by ISIS to recruit members to carry out violent attacks.

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