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Astrology Secrets Revealed: 10 Shocking Tips About Astrology and Relationships

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The Complete Idiot's Guide to Astrology

Astrology uses two ways of predicting the future one is astrological transits and the other is astrological progressions. It is important to understand how both play, in the way a horoscope is read out and predications made. Astrological transits look into the movement of planets and the impact of such movements in space and n personal horoscope. Astrological progressions use a set of methods to determine how a horoscope ha s moved forward in time. Now-a-days, astrologers no longer predict actual events. Instead what they do is bring out various general astrological events in order to have better results and give importance to arbitrary and unrelated events.

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- The Importance of Astrology
- Issues And Problems About Astrology
- Common Misconceptions about Astrology
- and More


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