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Vengeance (The Spoils of Roman Desire, #3)

20 pages19 minutes


[Historical Heterosexual Erotic Romance, 4200 words]
If you had the chance for vengeance, would you take it?

This short story follows hot on the heels of The Spoils of Roman Desire: Plans. Still in pain from the vicious tribe's use of her, Alarice makes it to a friendly tribe with Gaius's help. Her sacrifice bears fruit, and may just allow her the vengeance that she craves. In time, however, she must make a choice. Will she choose to live free with her people, or will she decide to stay with the Roman man she secretly loves? What will be her ultimate fate? Find out! 

ADVISORY: This short story contains adult themes such as Heterosexual Sex, Cunnilingus, Slavery, Digital Sex, First Orgasm, and Violence. It is only meant for readers 18+. 

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