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The 5 Step Essay Writing Process

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I am a TESOL Instructor of English academic writing who has 5 years experience teaching essay writing to undergraduate ESL students for university entrance.

This book is about the 5 step essay writing process only. It contains tips, ideas, and a basic process for ESL Students to follow. It doesn't contain anything about paragraph or essay essentials. They are covered in my first two books of the series Academic Writing Skills.

Any international students including high school, graduate and undergraduate, and mature age will benefit greatly from understanding and applying the process.

The book outlines the basic 5 steps which include:

- Pre-write
- Organize
- First Draft
- Revise and Edit
- Final Copy

The benefits to you are you will learn a practical 5 step essay writing process that works every time. The best part is you results will improve which means you and your instructor will be happy.

Take action and you will write your way to a BA.

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