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In Those Days Book 2 On the Run

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Nellie loved her parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters. When they fled crop failure back home to find a temporary living in Oklahoma, all of them believed they could pull through the worst of circumstances. Instead, they barely scraped by with enough to eat.

Nellie’s aunts teased her about becoming an old maid. “They filled my head with romance and other nonsense.” As oldest daughter, her mother married but remained at home with the extended family. That’s what oldest daughters did in her family from generation to generation. That’s what she knew of family life. As far as she knew, that would someday be her role, too. In this book, she tells of how that role was taken from her and what she wound up with in its place.

On the run for his life since kidnapping and marrying her, Nellie is dragged along when her husband fears death at the hand of her father. From boardinghouses, to cheap hotel rooms, and then a winter in a boxcar, she’s had enough and demands a decent roof over their heads before the baby comes. Nellie makes many new friends along the way. Her trail of friends irritates her spouse, except for whatever he can get from them. She learns that survival isn’t only about the base necessities for living.

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