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Taming the Beast

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Since Grace’s death six years ago, the beast has lain dormant and no one has been able to make him stir. So Kreg Maddox is stunned when the beast springs to attention at the first glimpse of the blonde that stole his friend, Gerald’s car. His dilemma is how he can keep her from slipping through his fingers.
Abby Anderson has been preparing for this day since she first received word of her husband’s death in Afghanistan, but when she is arrested for stealing a car she thought she borrowed from the dealership, her dream of securing funding from the state for the Survivor’s Assistance Program crumbles before her eyes.
When a gorgeous stranger intervenes, then offers to fly her to Austin for her presentation on his private jet, she jumps at the opportunity, not realizing that decision will change the rest of her life. Will Kreg and Abby be able to overcome the pain of their individual loss and find each other? Will Kreg’s former fiancé manage to destroy their budding relationship? Will Kreg be able to protect Abby from a serial killer? Will Abby be able to tame the beast?

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