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Business Statistics Kaleidoscope

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In recent years the Slovenian economy has struggled with many challenges, including some very tough ones. How these challenges reflected in individual business activities, what their impact on enterprises was and what the prospects are, can in many ways be explained by statistical data.
The mass of business statistics was compiled into an interesting kaleidoscope, which, offered in one place, brings insight into the characteristics, structure, changes and development of the Slovenian economy from 2005 on. We are convinced that these pages will bring interesting and useful information on business activities divided into four main sets: industry, construction, trade and other non-financial services.
Each set of business activities is presented comprehensively, from different points of view and understandably. Many data are shown from which different indicators can be derived indicating the importance of individual activities compared to the total economy, the impact of the economic crisis on them, international comparisons, structural characteristics within individual activities, and forecasts. Short comments and explanations are completed by graphical presentations and emphases on key data and changes. The story concludes with a schematic presentation of an average enterprise in Slovenia.
We hope you will enjoy reading our new brochure and that it will help better understand the Slovenian economy, individual activities and enterprises. For more extensive and detailed data on this subject, visit our SI-STAT Data Portal.

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