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Medusa: A Tale of Vengeance

525 pages8 hours


When Stephan Dragutin, Crown Prince of Serbia, violates his father s safe-conduct for an Embassy of Hellenes, all hell breaks loose. The Commonwealth decides on a nearly unprecedented course: a punitive Incursion into Serbia. The Hellenic Muster gathers at the border.
Can Nikos restrain Eleni as she seeks revenge on those who tortured and murdered her friends? Can he master his own desire for vengeance?
In Athens, two young women recently freed from bondage in Serbia beguile Selos. His quasi-sister Nikkisi is coming of age, showing interest in one of his friends.
And with the Muster at war in the north, Venice threatens the City.
As the Hellenic Muster closes in on the Serbian Royal family and the Venetian Navy descends on Athens, every member of Estelli s Line takes up some part of the burden. Those too old for war, and those too young, prepare to defend Athens. And young people court and spark while the Balkans are consumed in blood and fire.

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