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Philosophy of Mind (Transcript)

469 pages


Philosophy of Mind is the companion book to the audio/video series of the same name. It contains a full transcript of the series as well as the complete course guidebook which includes lecture notes, bibliography, and more.

About this series:

Any time you present yourself before others, your way of being and interacting with your listeners—your presence—is equally as important as what you say. Your ability to communicate, to inspire, or to convince is heavily influenced by the way you carry yourself, the way you speak, and the way you connect with your listeners and the space you’re in.

In these 24 active lessons Professor Long, a celebrated teacher of acting and directing, leads you in exploring the skills—and the joy—of performance and self-presentation, which apply to any situation where you present yourself to others. First, you’ll learn that what drives a successful performance is the clear pursuit of your objective onstage, which unfolds moment by moment through specific actions. Next, you’ll work to develop physical freedom and ease onstage—a vital asset for presenting yourself in public. Then you’ll work extensively on vocal technique, expanding and freeing your vocal resources over eight lessons on voice and speech.

Building on these practices, you’ll integrate your new skills by walking through the experience of an audition or interview, and then by exploring the process of preparing a performance or public appearance. Finally, you’ll learn how to channel nervous energy into effective performance, how to draw your audience in, and how to keep their attention through the end of your time onstage.

Mastering Stage Presence: How to Present to Any Audience takes you deeply into the practical skills of performing and self-presentation, teaching you each element with a highly engaging, step-by-step learning system. With the skills you will develop, you can confidently step forward as a performer or presenter, offering your best self to the world in any setting.

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