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Cruising with the Blakemores: The Blakemore Files, #4

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Let us pick up from where we left off in the last episode… 

Saxton and Odessa have had a very trying few days and now our power couple has to really give some thought and consideration to how they move forward with their lives and their relationship. Kevin Jr. is still reeling from almost being killed - twice. Odessa wants to know why her sister is on a first name basis with a cartel leader. Mary Jean is making big moves on Kevin Jr. Agent Roget has to face one of his biggest fears, and Saxton, well, he just wants his breakfast and some sleep. 

In the meantime, the surprises and revelations continue to unfold, and the secret of Dora and the towels is revealed. 

All aboard…the cruise ship is now leaving port. 

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