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No Doves

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The 1990’s started bleakly in docklands. The new Canary Wharf development is slow getting off the ground, and the ghosts the old docks still haunt the deserted buildings. There is a gangland war brewing, and things get worse when Benny Grazione was found floating in the Thames without his hands or his life.

Errol Ross and Jack Goldman are local coppers with their own worries, but nothing compared to the carnage that was let loose after a drug factory was blown sky high: delving deep they uncovered a rogue vigilante group in their own nick, and a Mafia boss sniffing local blood – theirs included.

Fitted up, out on their own and off-radar, Ross and Goldman find themselves shot by both sides before a bloody showdown leads them to the final stand-off at the Blind Beggar, a pub with a name that resonates through East End folklore.

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