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Lift Him Up Don't Pull Him Down: The Eternal Importance of Never Momentarily Taking Our Lord's Name In Vain.

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God, Jesus, Christ, and Jesus Christ are positive and loving names. Names that demand the highest regard of human respect our finite minds can conceive. These names should never be used as trash words. Yet, we trash them daily when we use The Name incorrectly in any unloving or unholy manner. This improper way of speech includes expressing pleasure while using their names in a common way; turning them into something so dirty, smelly or smashed, they are unrecognizable as the true deity they reveal.

God is kept first in this book, anchored to the fact that His holy name should never be dishonored in any verbal or written form. Information is confirmed biblically and will help to clarify:
Who the name of God is.
What we are wrongly expressing by misusing His name.
When it is appropriate to speak God’s name.
Where the irreverent offenses are taking place.
How we are desecrating the holiness of His name.
Why we should stop all profane references.

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