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New World Order Part II: British Liberal World Order - Its Unifying Principles And Premier Goal

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Many global research individuals delve the abyss concerning the New World Order. They investigate corporations, governments, religious institutions and security cabals searching for the smoking gun. Hidden in plane site, the operation for this elite world cabal parades itself as a modern think tank, when in reality it can be easily traced back to England, Cecil Rhodes, The Royal Institute of International Affairs and finally to Chatham House, in London center.
Material culled from original documents and well known historians, uncovers the cause of this association, its desire, and its skeletal workings. New World Order (NWO) Part II... provides an overview of the political, religious and social structure of the World Elites and there duplicitous system of rule. This book provides detailed information on the following themes of the NWO: its proper name, religious affiliations, corporate leaders, British hegemony, the British Crown, purpose of the Commonwealth of Nations, law, wars, tactics, policies and practices, affection for Muslims, oil, banking, and inner-London financial district, U.S. Anglophiles and how they affect U.S. policies. There are several feature Appendixes for extrapolating the finer points of the NWO mischief.

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