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Twilight of Doom A Taylor and Alan Adventure

Length: 80 pages1 hour


Faction meets Fiction in this thrilling new tale. Meet Taylor and Alan a sister/brother duo, as they embark on their latest mission.

Taylor’s family had patiently waited a whole year for this. Being on vacation in Ocean City was the stuff kid’s dreams were made of; cotton candy, sun, sand, waves, pizza, crabs, the boardwalk, and the carnival. For two whole weeks every year they packed their belongings and headed down to Ocean City, Maryland.

The House of Mirrors, where you can be skinny and tall, thin or wide. But this House of Mirrors has something else besides mirrors in it, something Taylor and Alan have never experienced before. Something that will scare and amaze them—The House of Mirrors, where all is not as it seems.

Taylor and Alan must find their way back from the Land of Spark, while helping the people that live there get out from under the control of the bad wizard. Can two children outsmart the powerful wizard, save the people that are from the Land of Spark, and possibly find their way back home?

This story weaves rich history into this thrilling tale while instilling the concept of being mindful and respectful of the environment.

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