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The Big Santa Christmas Caper

Length: 28 pages23 minutes


‘SANTA, THERE’S A DARK SLEIGH ENTERING NORTH POLE AIRSPACE AT THREE O’CLOCK!’ the dwarf says, still screeching and waving his arms. The woman gasps. Santa Claus moans, but his head remains nestled in the crook of his elbow, and he says nothing.

Evil elves trying to destroy Santa’s workshop and ruin Christmas. Kids waiting up for Santa to complain about their presents . . . What is the world coming to?
By this point of our adventures, our intrepid, severely falling apart hero Murdoch needs all the help he can get to keep the illusion of Christmas . . . well, an illusion.

This satirical story is written in the tradition of B-Grade stories, complete with all the stereotypes, creativity and effects – flaws and all.
The characters are purely fictitious. Any similarities with any person, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.
The story is not meant to offend. If you may be offended, please don’t download it.

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