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Grace: Is There a Limit to God’s Mercy?

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Does God put conditions on his grace - that we have to do something in order to be forgiven? If we have to do something, is it really a gift? If grace is given without conditions, does it mean that it's OK to sin? If God no longer counts our sins against us, then what's wrong with sin? Grace leads to a number of questions, and these articles attempt to clarify what grace is, and how we receive it. God does not give us license to sin - but what does he give us? When we understand the nature of the gift, we will better understand the boundaries within which we will enjoy the gift. He is giving us life with Christ, and in order to enjoy living with Christ, we need to like the kind of life Christ has. The articles are from the Grace Communion International website, mostly articles with "grace" in the title, written by Joseph Tkach, Michael Morrison, Gary Deddo, Mike Feazell, and others.

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