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Touch Me Not- Part (1)

Length: 145 pages2 hours


People born to share a common destiny always share a common super feeling. It doesn’t matter where they originally came from. Their initial beliefs, social status, inferiority complex or superiority endowment and even their environmental enchantments, can never change their destiny.
What brings them together is an ancient prophecy that must be fulfilled, no matter how much it seems to be thwarted by the so called human inadequacies. Even if the oppositions come from the underworld or spirits of the air, it is still an undeniable ancient prophecy that must come to pass.
In this thrilling novel, we meet a young woman whose angelic beauty pleases every good eye. However, her beauty does not outdo her fear in God. Sediah meets a young man by the name Joseph. They fall in love and the two are faced with many challenges that try to keep them apart. What they go through is as bitter as gall.
For a while, they presumably forget about each other since their destiny has to swim through tempestuous seas before everything calms down. In the world of disorder, they remain untouched by wickedness to the end. They finally find themselves celebrating their lives, adorned with glory and splendor.

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