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Magnificently Unrepentant: The Story of Merve Wilkinson and Wildwood

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"Merve Wilkinson and Wildwood, his small patch of forest, provide powerful evidence that a forest can be logged while its integrity is maintained in perpetuity. In speaking out against current industrial clear-cut logging practices, Merve has become a genuine Canadian hero. Uncompromising, tough, fearless and with a wonderful sense of humour, he is now an elder who inspires young people, who refer to his home as "Mervana." This is a story that should be read by all who care about the future and seek alternatives to our destructive ways." David Suzuki

Over the past decade, thousands of visitors to Wildwood have been profoundly encouraged by what they've witnessed. This has led to a considerable level of national and international acclaim for Merve Wilkinson's silvicultural philosophy and practices. Now the personal story behind these achievements has been told. This excellent book by Goody Niosi provides a compelling portrait of a truly remarkable man." Duncan M. Taylor

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