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112 Clues That Show Who Killed Stephanie Crowe

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The Stephanie Crowe media driven murder has everything the American public finds interesting when reading about or viewing a murder case: a white, middle-class, hard working family with an out-going beautiful daughter murdered in a comfortable, secure, and loving home. Since the first 911 call on January 21 1998, the media has examined the Stephanie Crowe case from all angles. I am presenting this angle because my passion is to objectively search for the facts and evidence that lead to the truth in controversial true crimes. So it is with the 112 clues that show who murdered Michael Crowe's smart, talented sister. How the media, or the public, or the courts happen to deal with a crime does not affect the conclusions in my books. The challenge is to read "112 Clues that show Who Killed Stephanie Crowe" with an open, objective, critically thinking mind. If the facts and evidence presented do not make the case for you, then please continue on with whatever you believe.

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