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An Itchy Boil: A Guide To Political Power

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AN ITCHY BOIL: A Guide To Political Power shows the quest for a leader from Luhyaland to lead Kenya is a noble idea. The leader whose character is national but not necessarily a Luhya is welcome. Everything about them being from Luhyaland is perfect but mediocrity if they must be Luhya by tribe.
Selfishness is the greatest enemy of the region. Too often selfish people come up with new political parties calling upon each other to support them.
They each seem to target a great eulogy – --- he even contested for presidency!
James Kemoli Amata is a Kenya citizen by birth with interests in three counties: Uasin Gishu County (birthplace, workplace); Kakamega County (workplace, residence) and Vihiga County (residence, ancestral). People who have mattered in his life include no Maragoli at all at all.
One does not have to be a friend of the president for him to attract development in their region. With the devolved governance the president can be at hearts 1,000 kilometres away yet there would be development with the governor of a county being in actions here.

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