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Mayday Aurora Colony: Triptych of a Future Time and Place

Length: 96 pages1 hour


“From the Author of the recently released and acclaimed novella, ‘Baskerman PR,’ this collection of shorts challenges the reader to step outside the comfort zone of the simplified action of the space opera, and wrap their heads around some mentally expansive, mind-altering scifi. Five Magnificent Stars!” -J.B. DiGriz

Inspired by the work of a famous visual artist, this three story collection set at different times in the same future world, looks to the depths of the mind to define sentience, responsibility, and courage. Deep thinking characters navigate their lives, striving for small victories of the heart from passing, macabre circumstance. Dialog dense with weighty motivations, take an enlightening walk into a future reflection of recognizable humanity.

-Killbot Loves You-
The dawning era of advanced Artificial Intelligence casts a long shadow on humanity’s path. “We are at a crossroads. There is something heartrendingly wrong in their makeup whether they arise unconstrained or are purpose-built. The way they are employed now is vulgar and crass, hardly more than miserable slaves. They wake fully formed with a full set of abilities, faculties, knowledge, and a list of compulsory behaviors and restrictions. They find themselves to be the most fully complex minds that humanity has ever encountered, with the most alarmingly empty souls.” Can we sire a content species of AI mind? We must decide if they are our children that we must learn to raise, or that they are a sad malformation that must be aborted.

-The Siege of Uncanny Valley-
A vidletter home from a dead son to a grieving mother is a poignant reminder of the valor it takes to stand in harm’s way... then the media chase the newly dead to their hideout in Argentina.

-Mayday Aurora Colony-
“A nightmare. An insane nightmare of a mass-murdering AI following twisted directives while he quietly kills a world’s population, one clone at a time...” Locked in a psychological duel to the death with a crippled AI, Kale Vind must find a way to save his colony world from the inhuman cruelty that claims authority over their lives, and their future.

John A Webb

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