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Chains of Perception

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It was the third planet orbiting the star Nusaka. It was home to three species. It was a planet at war, a war which had lasted generations with no end in sight. I was a boy. Just a peasant, I thought, no more than that. How wrong could I have been? I was a key figure in a struggle that engulfed a planet in war, just because of the identity of my parents. By the time I reached adulthood, I would have seen greed and death. I would have been manipulated and made to pay for a crime I did not commit. All because I was the child of my parents.

I promised myself I would forge my own life, and if it was within my power, I would break the cycle that had ruled my family from the time my great-grandfather had agreed to a symbiotic link with the true natives of the world we called home. But, could I do this if it meant the loss of those for whom I cared, both family and those I saw as family? Was such a loss worth it, or should I just have left things as they were?

You tell me. I am Jago de Carlo-Hunter and this is my story.

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