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A Merry Half Naked Christmas

Length: 59 pages55 minutes


There's a special tradition in Lucy's city. According to local law, during the chilly days of Christmas, all women between the ages of eighteen and thirty are required to go outside. And they must to do so half-naked and bare bottomed.

This unique decree encourages men and women alike to embrace the holiday spirit, and warm each other up in fun, pleasurable ways.

Lucy, like all other young women, understands the purpose of the law: To spread love and public sex across the land. And it has absolutely nothing to do with the spiral they show newly eighteen year olds right before Christmas, reminding them of the importance of obeying the law.
Not at all, they simply accept their place as Christmas treats. After all, spreading orgasmic joy has been their sacred duty for centuries.

This story follows Lucy, a beautiful young woman, as she gambols about half naked across the snowy landscape, on her way to the mall. Read of her first fateful meeting with the benevolent spank squad, her good deed towards a less fortunate, older woman, and her special relationship with her next door neighbor, who's door is always open for her, so long as she follows his rules.

One thing is certain. Fun, pleasure, and blissful warmth will be had by all.

This story is approx. ~15500 words long, and is exclusively for legal adults over the age of eighteen.

*This erotica book is a work of fiction, and is for 18+ adults only. All characters in the book are 18+.*

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