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Deadly Conflict

Length: 393 pages6 hours


Many scientists have suggested the name of Homo Evolutis for the next species of human. Self-healing and self-evoluving, Evolutis will will become the first immortal human species. How will this come about?
Implantations? Augumentations? Perhaps somehing more natural?
My stories provide one solution to that question - genetic engineering using mind directed reprogramming of our epigenetic material.
DC is an exciting technothriller adventure through space and time for Elizabeth Stosak and her cohort, all members of a new species of human, Homo Evolutis.
Continued pursuit by paramilitary forces wanting to weaponize their powers, and secret government elements bent on their elimination,
Elizabeth questions the cohort’s decision to seek safety by hiding in plain sight.
She gains knowledge of the earth’s future when she learns the reason a sect of ancient people who call themselves the Followers have hidden on earth from a centuries old galactic conflict. Concerned that those who pursue the Followers will discover and destroy earth, she leads Evolutis on a quest to realize the true potential of their new powers and prepare them for the coming conflict.
This story begins their Evolutis’ journey into the galaxy.
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E L Russell’s first agented novel, Deadly Awakenings, a science fiction murder mystery was published by Soul Mate Publishing, NYC, in 2014. Their research into re-programming the human genome has led to The Evolutis Rising Series, The Cohort Series, and The Seeker Series of Novels and reflect an eclectic interest the impact new genomic technologies impose on individuals and social groups.

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