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The E-Term Dictionary

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The E-Term Dictionary

Quite simply..

It's an organized list of 303 common (but oftentimes extremely confusing) computer and internet based terms that you're pretty much guaranteed to run into as an individual trying to make money online. I've put it together and I'm giving it away for FREE, so that everyone has the option to refer to it when and if need be.

-Dr. Seuss (..Just kidding)

-James Halpin

Forging a path to success as a rookie internet marketer is difficult to say the least. Remembering all of this crazy computer jargon? Nearly impossible. I recently started creating this list for my own personal use when I realized that it would be a good resource for the countless other people trying to make their way online as well. I've finished it, formatted it as an ebook and published it as a FREE resource for everyone. There's enough learning to be done, grab this ebook and make it a little easier on yourself. :)

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