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Of Magic Scorned: Book 1 Reddak Locc Series

Length: 420 pages6 hours


A diabolical plot contrived by three sorcerers begins to unravel on the island of Kevlon when CasKae, a Woodland Faer, escapes an orb of light, one of hundreds conjured to enable the sorcerers to feed off Faer magic. CasKae flees to Cambrius with other escapees, where seven Magi are the only hope of saving the entombed kingdoms and stopping the sorcerers.
On the isle of Cambrius, twenty-one-year-old Magus Reddak Locc believes the only challenges in his future are discovering the cause of his father’s death, winning the respect of the other six “ancient” Magi, and capturing errant leader Brodin Highwater, whose twin sister, Britin, he secretly fancies.
Death and destruction cuts a wide swath up through Cambrius. Reddak discovers the other Magi are returning to their respective islands and leaving him alone to face the sorcerers’ armies. For the first time in his life, he is not confident in his magical abilities to face his enemies. Unless he can convince the warring beings of the united isles to join with him, thousands will die or become enslaved, and everything his forefathers have created will be lost forever.

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