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Rough Rowdy Reckless

Length: 81 pages1 hour


“Okay, we’re all feeling a little restless, am I right? We need this trip— Austin, South By Southwest Music Festival—music, cold beer, hot guys, so many tequila shots that we dance on tables until we lose our minds, get laid, or pass out. Can I get an Amen?” I say and lean forward from the backseat of Gigi’s VW Beetle convertible, perching on the edge of the seat as I wrap my arms around my two best friends. Gigi and Penelope—or just plain Penn, if you know what’s good for you. These are my girls, my BFFs, my islands of calm in this scary-as-shit sea of almost-out-of-the-nest, our-college-days-are-nearly-over, so-long-to-Mom-and-Dad’s-credit-card, reality-is-knocking-on-the-door, ADULTHOOD...

Best Selling Romance Author Kimball Lee presents...

Rough. Rowdy. Reckless.
Three best friends on a last chance trip to Austin plan on a peaceful getaway taking in the beautiful sights and soothing sounds of the famous South-By-Southwest Music Festival. But their innocent plans are quickly led astray as each of them meets a tempting Texan (or two) that will take them on their own memorable and potentially life altering journeys. An untamed millionaire, a reclusive cowboy, an uptight lawyer, a powerful rancher and an almost famous country singer. Will the girls' lives and friendships ever be the same after this scorching week in Texas? Will any of these sexy-as-sin suitors turn out to be Mr. Right? Or will this week be all fun and games with Mr. Right-Now?!

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