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Myrtle Allen was born in Paris, Texas, in 1896. She saw the doughboys go away to fight World War I, survived the flu epidemic after the soldiers came home, had children and raised them during the Great Depression. Over a lifetime of 99 years, she was divorced once and widowed twice. She met presidents and governors, politicians and judges. A talented musician and gifted storyteller, her grandchildren and great-grandchildren flocked to her as if she were a rock star. No subject was off limits. She told her great-granddaughters about her first wedding night when she was a bride at age 16. She described a honeymoon trip when she was a bride of 85. Many of us will recognize traits of our own mothers and grandmothers in Myrtle. All of us will admire her strength and courage. Myrtle’s memoirs plus those of her son and grandson are melded in this retelling of her stories.

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