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The Forgotten Bride: Brides of Holland Springs, #3

Length: 126 pages2 hours


Sexy former reality television star Luke Ambrose has finally returned to make a home in Holland Springs again—this time as the newest doctor for the town's local clinic, and with every intention of making up for his past wrongs against his ex-wife.

After slipping into a coma due to a freak car accident, Lily Sawyer finally wakes up in the hospital, unable to remember the past ten years of her life. But what she does know—she's a dance teacher and she's married to her high school sweetheart, Luke. 

Torn between letting the past be the past and telling Lily the truth of their fragile relationship, Luke gives her the basics—they're divorced but trying to work things out. 


But when Lily begins to regain her memory and that memory doesn't include her new relationship with Luke, will she leave him once again, or give their love the second chance it deserves?

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