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Mirabelle the Hucow: Milktec Industries Presents

Length: 21 pages16 minutes


In a different timeline, the Soviet War Machine threatens all of Europe and American men are the first line of defense! And our boys run on Milktec Milk! Meet our newest recruits, Mirabelle and Jonathan, two healthy red blooded American's ready to help turn the tide and see victory in Europe by 1955! Mirabelle is on her way to the Milktec offices for her first injections so that she can be a productive member of the American Milktec Industry! Join her and her new bull, as they learn their roles and responsibilities as Milktec employees.

The Milktec Industries story takes place in an alternate reality where WW2 never stopped. Necessary advances in science for the war effort led to the creation of the Milktec serum, and the industrialization of the Hucow industry. Happy Hucows are sexually satisfied Hucows, and there's a line of Bulls ready to serve their country by filling any roll or hole they need to. The Milktec stories are indented for adults only.

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