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Where Do I Sign?

Length: 262 pages3 hours


Want to be a Commando? Forget everything you know, practice your big boy voice and leave your brain at the door

"...a rich account of life in the Australian special forces...Where Do I Sign? is a compelling read."-Gregory Kemp, author of Undercover in Afghanistan.

Where Do I Sign? follows the journey of Private Sam Dempsey after joining the Australian Special Forces as a naive nineteen-year-old. Thinking that he has signed up to discover the wonder of the military, he finds, in a hilarious and often brutal fashion, mateship in the Army to be dead, patriotism to be a lie, and the elite image of the Special Forces to be a farce. Locked in to a four-year contract with no escape, Dempsey harnesses his survivalist instinct whilst using plenty of humor along the way, to make it out in one piece. Based on the author's own experiences in the Australian Commandos, Where Do I Sign? dispels the romantic mythology surrounding the Military, and explores the dark motives behind what truly attracts young men to the Army

"It's like Hogan's Heroes meets Chris Ryan's Strike Back, garnished with pathos and served with laughter. A great achievement for a first time author." -Callum Scott, writer and presenter of documentary Hoon Capital.

"A hilarious read, deftly crafted, peopled by colorful, irreverent characters straight out of such classics as Mr. Roberts and Catch-22 - but, with unmistakable Aussie twangs."-Barry McWilliams, author/cartoonist of animated sketchbook, This Ain't Hell...But You Can See It From Here!

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