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Tornadoes: Amazing Facts, Photos, and Incredible Trivia for Kids

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Did You Know?

Tornadoes can only form over land.

Most tornadoes only last for about 10 minutes.

The average tornado is about 1,000 feet long.

In Tornadoes: Amazing Facts, Photos and Incredible Trivia for Kids, you’ll discover how and why tornadoes form and why they can be so destructive. You’ll see what destruction tornadoes can cause, and how scientists are working hard to predict tornado behavior.

Photos, illustrations, and little-known facts reveal: the lifecycle of a tornado, how tornadoes are measured, where tornadoes commonly form, what to do when a tornado comes, and much more.

Tornadoes: Amazing Facts, Photos and Incredible Trivia For Kids is for children ages 7-10, with short chapters that both parents and younger children will also enjoy. Go behind-the-scenes of this natural phenomenon, and discover an exciting and informative reading experience.


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