The State of Chu: The Warring States Series, #2

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The State of Chu: The Warring States Series, #2

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Length: 185 pages3 hours


Frustrated with the direction the Army of Wei is taking following Marquis Wen's death, General Wu Qi leaves and finds himself in the struggling State of Chu.

Taking a low-level position in the state bureaucracy, Wu tries to start life anew, but is eventually noticed and brought to the attention of Duke Dao of Chu. Not fearful of speaking his mind, Wu Qi suddenly finds himself tasked with changing the entire state, much to the chagrin of the corrupt and jealous nobles, who will do anything to keep their way of life.

When war breaks out between the State of Chu and another state, Duke Dao insists upon leading the chariot charge himself. General Wu has no choice but to go with him, and the scheming nobles laugh as they spring their trap.

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