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Unbeliever: Undreamed, #1

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The prequel to UNDREAMED, Unbeliever is a dark psychological suspense novella following Alice, a woman trapped between reality and a dream. Caught between a life in Sydney and an equally real life in New York, Alice has no way of telling which is the truth, and which the dream. Unbeliever follows both Alices as they set themselves on a destructive collision course in their search to discover the truth.

Emerging from a stint in a rehabilitation centre, Sydney-Alice is confronted by the impossibility of living her life, never knowing if she’s real or imagined. Becoming increasingly desperate she decides to do the unthinkable: travel to New York in an attempt to find evidence of her alternative existence, or end the illusion once and for all. Meanwhile, the Alice of New York becomes determined to destroy what she sees as her dream self, and begins a journey that takes her into the dark orbit of a man who promises to end her dream. But at a price.

With neither Alice knowing if they’re real or the dream of the other, they set themselves on desperate trajectories that are later concluded in Undreamed. With its strong female protagonist, Unbeliever is a dark introduction to the mystery of Alice’s life that will stay with you long after the end.

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