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The Old Manor House (Joshua Harris Haunting Mysteries, #1)

34 pages28 minutes


A Short Story where Cozy Mystery meets Ghosts and Hauntings

Joshua Harris is an amateur detective. A college student, studying journalism, he works part-time for the local newspaper, gaining knowledge of everything that’s going on in town. It also earns him a reputation as a capable investigator.

When his childhood sweetheart, Ashley Taylor, moves back into town, weird things start to happen at an old manor house he has been asked to investigate for evidence of ghosts.

Joshua doesn’t want to believe that Ashley is up to anything bad, but one day, when he catches her at the old manor house  that's rumored to be haunted, he demands some answers.

Are Ashley's motives truly innocent or is she hiding something?  What does she know about the haunting of the old manor house?

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