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Not so Far Not so Near

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wish Jyot all the best for the future, not only in cricket but for his coming life too. The day I saw him, I didn t know him and had not seen him before but there was an instinct that made me realize that this boy has something in him to be put to serious practice.
Nayan Mongia
Former wicket keeper of Team India and
Chairman-Senior Selection Committee-Baroda Cricket Association

My best wishes for the book. It takes great courage to write a book at the quarter stage of life.
Irfan Pathan
Member of Team India

I am very happy to know that Jyot has put his thoughts and experiences from crucial years of his life in the form of a book and tried to bring it to the people.
I hope that the parents of young, budding cricketers would be inspired by this book and would go in the same direction.
Yusuf Pathan
Member of Team India

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