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Your Future Job: Building a Career in the New Normal

Length: 146 pages2 hours


What is a job?
Should you go to college?
What should you major in?
How can you build a career if you don’t go to college?
Why is today’s job market so different from the past?
Should you take out student loans?

Starting a career today is more difficult than it was even ten years ago. The economy has changed; we live in the New Normal. What has changed? How can you plan your future?

If you’re ambitious, then you and your parents should read this book. It won’t tell you what career to choose, but it will tell you how to succeed in the New Normal.

Nobody can predict the future, but you know more about your own future than anybody else.
Save Money Now.
Be good at what you do.
Computers have a better memory than you do; Computers can do math better than you can.
Whatever can be automated eventually will be automated.
If you’re doing something hard and not succeeding, you can either try harder, or do something easier. Often, the best choice is to do something easier.

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