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The Terminal City Murders: John Granville & Emily Turner Historical Mystery Series, #4

Length: 383 pages5 hours


When a young Englishman is accused of fraud, Granville and Scott take the case as a favor to a friend. Even though the two know more about searching for gold—though not finding it—than they do about real estate fraud.

The resulting scramble to extricate their client involves them in a break-in and two murders, drawing Granville—and his fiancée Emily Turner—deeper into the murky side of real estate than they'd ever imagined. 

With their client panicking and the witnesses dying, how will Granville and his friends solve this one?

The Terminal City Murders is a tale of fraud and murder in early twentieth century Vancouver, written with an eye for historical detail and a dry humor.

This is the fourth Tbook in the John Granville & Emily Turner series, though it can be read as a standalone

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