Omega: Found By The Alpha King

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Omega: Found By The Alpha King

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars2/5 (15 ratings)
Length: 22 pages17 minutes


Planet Aris was nothing more than a pile of sand. It had no water, no life and the environment was deadly. Only a few villages of colonists were able to survive in the dunes. They lived a simple life, surviving off of imports. They suffered constantly because of the harsh environment.

One afternoon,  bots with laser eyes and metal legs fell from the sky. They slaughtered every one of the villagers save for one, Hugh. He was taken by the king of the Alphas, a blood-thirsty race bent on destruction. The man had slaughtered his entire planet and ended his life as he knew it, but he was expected to be his obedient lover.

Disclaimer: This book contains adult, sexually explicit content with an intense sex scene, male breeding and knotting and dominant alpha with his delicate rare omega. This should not be viewed for anyone under the age of 18.

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