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The Red Peony

Length: 141 pages1 hour


Why would I ever let another man touch me? 
Anna has found the love of her life. His name is Song. Anna gave Song all of her in exchange for a promise of forever. 
So Anna holds on to that promise even when Song gets a promotion and leaves to work abroad. 
But Song stopped communicating with her. So Anna, armed with the innocent promise of marriage, follows Song abroad. 
But she’s confronted with a different Song. The man is a stranger to her. He has other girls and is in debt. 
But Anna’s love for Song remains steadfast. 
One day, men barge in on Anna and Song to collect the latter’s debt. Song has nothing, so Anna gave up her everything to pay for the debt. 
How is Anna going to get out of this mess? She’s an alien in a foreign land with the only man she dedicates her life to, slowly turning against her. 
Read on to see how the naïve Anna becomes the Red Peony in the name of love. This is an erotic romance you won't forget!

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