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Becoming the Light, Book 2 of The Ariana Series

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Psychic Abilities Are Unlocked. Now Ariana and Her Friends Must Face Their Greatest Fears.

Ariana Abrams left her abusive childhood home determined to make a good life for herself. Her decision to go to college in Arizona proved to be a turning point; she found exactly the friends she needed. Like her, they experienced the world in unusual ways. Ariana never thought of herself as “psychic.” She just knew she was always surrounded by loving spirits with whom she could communicate. She never thought her ability to feel an energy emanating from everyone and everything around her was anything weird. But her understanding of her abilities changed when destiny brought her and seven equally unique people together.

“Becoming the Light” picks up where Book 1 of “The Ariana Series” ends. Aware that each member of the group has fully activated their metaphysical abilities, they are determined to understand what is happening to them and what it means. Knowing that their abilities come from a source of absolute love, the group realizes that they must protect themselves from dark forces threatened by this loving energy. They need a teacher. Once again, destiny sends them what they need; the perfect mentor.

Armed with deeper understanding of the reasons for their own pain and the pain and problems facing the world, Ariana and her friends are determined to strengthen their abilities. It is up to them to lead the fight against fear, judgment, hate, and violence. There are powerful forces determined to challenge them...can their new strengths and knowledge be enough to keep them safe?

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